The Central Deployed A Hack to Mount an Exploit by Android Debug Bridge from my Nowhere-Ever-User-Connected Huawei Y6 2019 (4)

Centrala Ugradila "Hack" (Programsku Modifikaciju) da Montira "Exploit" putem "Android Debug Bridge"-a iz mog od-strane-Koristnika-Nikad-Nikamo-spojenog Huawei-a Y6 2019 (4)

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This page is only documents. The entire topic is real events and not fiction.

This happened to me, but it's likely something that was deployed in many other cases, or even is still available to actors like the unknown ones in this story to be deployed onto other victims.

If any cases like mine have been publicly shown, pls. do use the contact page.

However, the documents of purchase and return of the device, and reinbursement, are in Croatian, and I'll make no attempt to translate them.


NOTICE: Familiarity with and/or use of some Unix-like OS such as GNU/Linux or BSD, (or being able to use Cygwin on Windows but I haven't tested that yet) may be required to be able to follow.

Screencasts/traffic dumps on these pages are usually produced with my program:




The files necessary for this study are listed in:



and verify to: ls-1pg1.sum signed by: ls-1pg1.sum.asc