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EN This is a Snapshot of Lurker deployed on my SOHO

HR Niže dolje nađite tekst na Hrvatskom.

Archive updated with new messages on February 14th 2018.

News! After almost three (3) years, my provider admits that:

...during year 2015 your were indeed prevented from using your email address [miro {dot} rovis {at} croatiafidelis {dot} hr), but [we don't know] which of your emails were identified as SPAM.

This archive has been updated with new messages on March 23rd/24th 2017.
Most importantly with the complete uncovering of how exactly my provider T-com intentionally (sic!, at least the refusal to admit the facts was such, and the refusal to provide help was such) sent me broken PDF files: T-cogne and PDF? 2
Read first about the correspondence in the #broken-pdf local link further below in this page.

This archive has been updated with new messages on November 25th/26th 2016.
Most importantly with my correspondence with T-com about the issue in this link: T-cogne and PDF?
You can start from the #fake-pdf local link further below in this page.

But there's another update. The advanced or even the hardworking newbies can learn how to verify PGP signitures from emails.

This archive has been updated with a video on September 16th 2016 (and 17th).

This archive has been updated with new messages in April 2016. But not much has changed in the text below.

In the archive itself though, just bear in mind that the search and the menus don't work at all. All the emails and all the attachments are perfectly there (barring when the original emails use idiotically stupidly old --probably some M$-- encoding instead of UTF-8 ;-), and I'm really ashamed of that, because it's my country, like T-com's official emails, as can be seen in this archive).

I plan to put some links here, quite a few, possibly. Some only in today's world "lingua franca" (in English). If you want to browse, first take notice that almost all the correspondence is in Croatian. But you can still browse and see how a non-public admin like me (currently) can post messages with all the attachments there for a public-to-be web.

You can simply click on the little Home icon in the top right corner of this page you are reading, and there you'll be offered only one "list".
You can browse based on the listed threads of that list.

Or you can start from the newest (latest) messages, or from the first (oldest) messages, and the Lurker's frozen links will guide you on. But, again it's in Croatian, other then this message:

Re: Upozorenje T-Com administratora, which you can also read from:

[Gentoo Forums] Postfix smtp/TLS, Bkp/Cloning Mthd, Censorship/Intrusion

But in case that link is blank or does not correspond to my email, pls. do let me know! There has been really bad changes towards what Jonah Goldberg called a particular name (which I can't remember right now) with Gentoo, at least with Gentoo Forums, and I'm currently, to put it mildly, off and away form the Forums' community. Read more at:
Open Little Book from Gentoo

Anyway, I'll keep the technical stuff that I need to write about this, in English.

And that leads us to where, if you yourself, need to post some messages of yours, for your lawyers or for the public, in the fashion that I show here, and that leads us to where you can find instructions on how to do it, surely if you are using some variant of [F]ree [O]pen [S]ource [S]oftware Linux of some flavor, and if you are not a complete beginners really, at it. Here:

Need help creating ebuild for "lurker" (that title was not of my giving; and, I employed methods applicable to all Linuces)

A lot is now on: [Lurker-users] Installing Lurker on Gentoo, but I have to state that SourceForge has slipped in its quality. A study also concerning, in its minor part, the missing email parts on SourceForge can be read about in this, at the time of uploading this online,
TLS (SSL) tcp stream decoding in your traffic dumps, of this topic in progress on Gentoo Forums.


As you can see, I'm leaving parts of this page unfinished. I have other work to do, and have to soon interrupt my work on this.


Also, if you browse my "frozen" Lurker, and if you wonder how (apart from surely you figured that, some notes, such as those telling how the search doesn't work, that I made those with plain editing the Lurker-made HTML)...

But, if you browse my "frozen" Lurker archive, you will notice that some messages, just a few, don't show correctly, in measure of just poor displaying of text or images, to base64 trivially-encrypted text not decrypted, but then they usually can be downloaded from the link in the top right... or in some other fashion.

Also, for technical reasons such as the above, I decided that I would not change anyhing whatsoever in anything that involves the original messages.

How then would anybody be able to verify the messages with my signature? Not that I myself yet know how to verify PGP sigs from a web interface, but I believe it won't take me much to learn it.

Note on 2016-11-25: Well I have recently learned. If you're at least somewhat advanced in FOSS or generally in computing, start from here:

then pls. take notice that not all of that thread you need to read:

However, to reach at the solution which I announced here:
you may need to rummage to that thread a little...

But you ought to finally arrive at the solution which I offer somewhere in this thread:



where the solution finally I declare, and the case was solved.

Note on 2016-11-25: The above procedure I don't have time to review today, too busy. But it did work on the email that I tested it on! And it's encryption, so that prooves it. However, pls do let me know if there are issues, see the portal of my Croatia Fidels site. Just bear in mind that I'm generally not inerested in secret conversations...


Note on 2016-11-26: The following offer has been standing for too long. Withdrawing if for lack of interest today.

However, I'll give you a way, in which you can, if you need to (surely Iskon and T-com, I am also talking to you; esp. you need to do that, if you want to verify and officially confirm/deny on the messages --for which just read on--) ...

I was saying that I'll give you a way, in which you can verify that what I posted online is what I edited in my SOHO. Here:

In this very folder, and that'll always be the very last file that I will upload, you can find two files (surely I can't give you anything but the names of it and its PGP-signature file at the time of this writing, can I?):
Note on 2016-11-25: pls find the verifiable list of files, their hashes and the PGP signature on the hashes listed, in bottom of this page.
This is not likely to conclude so soon, I'm afraid, and so there will be new versions with the new messages, with both Iskon, and T-com. But in slow time. I work really slowly.
Pls. exclude just this very file from the verification, in case I updated the missing links and things, after the upload here on

The above, obviously, is planned, God willing. Don't forget it's a, it's hard not to say: idiotic, regime still on power in my Croatia, only the President, a true patriotic woman Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, from the leaders of the political "elites" on power, is really good. The government (we have a semi-presidential system, the president has very little executive powers) is utter misery and shame. I have been censored, and suffered other grave damages on the part of the regime.

And, if T-com and Iskon are on, reading this, to them I say that, on the other hand, if Iskon and T-com confirm, officially and publicly (I can take on me to publish their confirmation), for each single message that they want a particular name out, the particular name hidden, that that exact message corresponds correctly to the one they got in their archives, I am ready to hurry up and hide the desired names from those messages. Iskon, T-com, I am talking to you.. Quickly I can get to work to do it (well relatively quickly, none of you were really quick in your work that I paid you for), given the above condition satisfied on your behalf!

HR Oglušuju se na razbor i istinu. Što sad?

Arhiv obnovljen novim porukama 14. veljače 2018.

Viest! Nakon skoro tri (3) godine, "Hrvatski" T-com priznaje da je meni:

...tijekom 2015. godine zaista bilo onemogućeno korištenje e-mail adrese, međutim od nadležne službe nismo zaprimili informaciju koje su Vaše e-poruke identificirane kao spam poruke.

Obnova-dopuna-novim Pripravljam obnoviti ovu pohranu postavljanjem sve korespondencije, dakle i nove koja prije nije ovdje bila (nema puno novog) do sredine travnja 2016., jer umjesto da izprave sva dodijavanja, prenaplatu i krivotvorenje, kratko su se neki admini još pomamili, koji doista zaslužuju biti odpušteni, jer ovo što postavljam jest da bude malo više razuma. Nemam ništa protiv nikog. U T-com-u ima i puno divnih djelatnika.

Ne, ovo nije jednostavno prievod gore na Engleskom napisanog, nego je ovo početak mojih daljnjih pokušaja da privolim bolje, poštenije snage, u Iskonu i u T-com-u, da izprave nepravdu koju su mi njihovi djelatnici nanieli.

Ako niste razumjeli što iznad na engleskom piše (još ni T-com nije pokazao znakove da je razumio, posebice ne o temi na Gentoo Forumima, koju nađi iznad u tom engleskom tekstu, možda bolje započeti s najranijim porukama i sliediti kako vas već te "zamrznute" Lurker-ove poveznice svjetuju.

Rado ću započeti ovdje tako da u začetku pobijem ičiji prigovor što ovdje polu-javno (da bih pokušao dobiti savjet, neplaćeni savjet, jer novaca nemam, javni savjet, o tomu što se i kako može poduzeti protiv ovakvih nepravdi kakve su očevidne u materialima koje sam ovdje postavio...

Rado ću, dakle, započeti ovdje tako da u začetku pobijem ičiji prigovor što ovdje polu-javno postavljam ove materiale upućujući čtioca da razmotri ovu e-poruku, slabije čitku, ali koja je vidno odgovor na jednu od poruka, neke od kojih su možebitni duplikati, ali samo neke, od prvih, po nadnevku. koje čine ovu pohranu. koje pohrane evo prve stranice po nadnevcima, primjerice: ovu prvu po nadnevku

Te su poruke dostatne za uvid u nekoliko činjenica:

This archive has been updated with this a video on September 16th 2016. How do I tell you in few words about it? (Translation such as subtitles or similar will be available with the video someday...) It's about sending contracts via paid-by-customer[-me]-service for signing without me having asked for or consented to those; it's pure molesting of their customers for the sake of it...

Dakle: ne čitaj kako pišeš, nego: Piši za oči, a čitaj za uši! Potonje je vjekovno pravilo bilo Hrvatskog pravopisa, a djeca o tom ni slovca ne uče...

Međutim, danas:

16. rujna 2016.

postavljam ovaj slikopis:

Kako HT (T-com) Šalje Ugovore

bez zahtjeva/pristanka/privole koristnika

a more convenient, separate page with this video (prikladnija zasebna stranica s ovim slikopisom)
also subtitles in English there!

Nalazite se na adresi navedenoj u slikopisu. U šumi poruka ovog "razgovora s" (hinbenim) "gluhima", ako želite kreće i bitno, pročitajte:

message/20150131.002503.907f5a29.en.html imam skoro 1,000 kn preplatu u HEP-u

message/20150225.132803.0a955315.en.html HT traže OIB i HEP-ov(e) račun(e)

message/20150302.103745.db86d9cb.en.html ponavljam o istome (tek ovdje uspješno i HEP-u)

U ovoj potonjoj poruci treba svakako zamjetiti ove redke, neposrjedno nakon mog OIB-a:

> (Ako je potrebno, mogu poslati i preslik svoje osobne izkaznice, kao
> dodatnu podkrjepu.)

Kako možete jasno čuti u slikopisu, djelatnik Overseas-a tražio je "preslik" moje "osobne izkaznice". Ali... ima li igdje u i najmanje s ovim događajem povezivoj mojoj korespondenciji sa tima ili bilo kojima drugima T-com-ovim djelatnicima, ima li igdje moja ponuda ili priedlog da, dok inače, a i tom prilikom šaljem e-poruke, od kojih je puno i s privitcima koji sadrže preslike, pa je dakle bilo kojoj takvoj e-poruci lahko privinuti bilo kakav preslik, [da] ja umjesto takvog slanja prelika svoje osobne izkaznice u svrhu podkrjepe tog svog zahtjeva, dakle umjesto slanje tog preslika e-porukom, da ja to slanje naprotiv, za taj zahtjev sada želim izvršiti radije uporabom poštanskog izporučitelja Overseas-a?...

Ma ima li, jadniče bolestni?...

Ali to su hinbeni betoni a ne ljudi...

message/20150310.093444.faaa022d.en.html ponovljeno slanje nakon još 8 dana.

message/20150310.133338.5e66402e.en.html i tek sad (iznimno rutinski) odgovor Elektre. Njima sam dužan ponovno postaviti jedan ranije postavljen slikopis (u predhodnim riečima bit će poveznica kad to učinim).

message/20150310.142302.9641fe3c.en.html Gle odgovora HT (T-com)-a!!!!? Gle odgovora!!!!? Zamjetite pri vrhu (izpod "Ova je poruka dio ove razprave"), ovo je jedna od iznimno riedkih HT T-com poruka u kojoj doista se pridržavaju tog standarda i vidi se na koju poruku odgovaraju! Ali valjda su samo zaboravili pokvariti priređenu poruku prije slanja, što inače rade, da teže brstite ("browse"-ate) moje stranice...
Napomena 2016-11-25: nije istina, učinilo mi se, to prikazuje koliko sam ja poruka njima slao, ta poruka ne sadrži "In-Reply-To:" uzglavlje ("header")... Gornje brišem nakon nekoliko mjeseci...

Svakako zamjetite što pišu! Svakako nađite izričaje poput:

> Stoga, nastavno na Vaš zahtjev nadležnoj službi proslijeđen je
> nalog za isključenje usluge opskrbe električnom energijom
> Hrvatskog Telekoma d.d.

A pogledajte i tko je taj jadnik, koji je "Voditelj u Odjelu za pozadinsku podršku". Jednog dana, možda tek na Sudnji dan, znat ću i tko je njemu dao nalog da me ovako zlostavlja.

message/20150320.123801.8ff08408.en.html Ne, nije mu to alias, čovjek je imenom i prezimenom u sustavu, i plaćen da ovakve prljave stvari radi. Da je prljavi "hitman" od krvi i mesa, a ne "alias", saznao sam, dosad, iz barem dva pouzdana izvora.

U ovoj poruci ja, naravno, pitam što mu one formulacije o isključenju "usluge opskrbe električnom energijom Hrvatskog Telekoma" znače, ali i, kako možete pročitati ako nađete u toj poruci-stranici:

> Evo što se dogodilo u četvrtak, 12. siečnja 2015, oko 18:00 sati.

gdje prepričavam razgovor sa djelatnikom Overseas-a preko speakerphone-a jednog od neposrjedno ranijih dana...


Tek u puno kasnijoj poruci:

message/20150417.110306.098c160f.en.html izpravit ću da nije "siečnja" nego ožujka, ali (to pak tek sad vidim) onda je bilo ili u utorak jer 12. je bio utorak, ili u četvrtak 14. ožujka...


...koji razgovor sa istim (prema njegovim kasnijim riečima) djelatnikom Overseas-a je po istim osnovama kao i ovaj kasniji sačuvan u gornjem slikopisu, gdje mu je identitet maksimalno zaštićen, lice podpuno zamagljeno, a glas sasvim neprepoznatljiv, jer čovjek naravno, ni najmanje nije u priči ničemu kriv.

Evo, gornje je samo dio HT (T-com)-ovih zlostavljanja. Dokumentirano. Jedni od prvih koje ću o ovome pitati, i to pred javnošću, ni u kakvim povjerljivim razgovorima, tajni a ne javni razgovori me o ovome predmetu uobće ne zanimaju, su:

([H]rvatska Regulatorna [A]gencija za elekroničke [KOM]unikacije ako se ne varam)

Danas ili tek za koji dan (zapne li objelodanjivanje ili drugo) vi, dat će nadam se Bog, [vi] čitate ove redke. Ja ću vam možda postaviti i druga pitanja, ali već i ovo što vidite je jedno ogromno pitanje, i to višestruko ako imalo zagrebete, pa...

Što odgovarate na ovo ogromno pitanje? Onaj dio/djelić javnosti (velik je to bio dio dok nije Gizela i drugi crveni khmeri i četnadija ukinuo moj Youtube account uz pristanak Schmoogle-a; kakve slobode u Hrvatskoj! ma predivno! A izmišljaju i lažu o "neslobodama" pod Ministrom Hasanbegovićem...) [Onaj dio/djelić javnosti] do kojeg ja mogu dospjeti svojim uradcima čeka na vaš odgovor/djelovanje. Ima li kod vas toliko pravednosti i poštenja?

Dosta za današnju (16. rujna 2016., napomena, manjim pojašnjenjima i izpravcima na više mjesta dorađeno 25. studenog 2016.) obnovu ovih stranica (sva je obnova vidljiva u ovoj jednoj stranici od svih, ovog puta; NAPOMENA 17. rujna: ne više samo, nego: obnovljen je cieli arhiv s novim porukama iz posljednjih mjeseci).

O samom slikopisu, mojoj zbirci, tehnikama obrade

Vjerovatno je najbolje gledati i slušati ovaj slikopis s vlastite mu adrese:

Izvornik ovog slikopisa je razlučivosti/rezolucije 1920x1080, što je prava HD (High Definition) razlučivost/ezolucija. Trajanja je oko 1min 45sec.

Broj u imenu datoteke: 150320-17h_T-com_davi_ugovorima.webm označava sam nadnevak i vrieme događaja: 2015-03-20 u 17h.

Rabim HTML5 standard koji je tehnologija u redovitoj primjeni ali ako ti prikaz nije jasan i slušan iz nekog razloga, onda jednostavno preuzmi datoteku u svoje računalo, desnim klikom i odabirom "download" ili "preuzmi", ili što već imaš, na istu gornju poveznicu. Napravi to i ako naprosto želiš imati ovaj slikopis u svome računalu.

Pod Slobodnom licencom

Ovaj slikopis je pod licencom: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, što znači da:


Verificiranje slikopisa

Molim, zanemari ovaj odjeljak ako ne razumieš o čemu je ovdje rieč, ili pitaj nekoga tko zna.

Kad preuzmeš slikopis, ovaj umanjene razlučivosti, izračun SHA256 mora odgovarati:

355559bf3ca56ee87920fb60f1e921225b50667896acbc947e9844a07b9d8139 150320-17h_T-com_davi_ugovorima.webm

Jednostavno preuzmi i datoteku:


i uzdaj se da je izpravna samo ako je mojim digitalnim podpisom možeš verificirati:


Gornje je obuhvaćeno ukupnim popisom, koji se nalazi malo iznad dna stranice, ali na Engleskomi...


November 25th/26th 2016

My simple study or research should I call it at T-cogne and PDF? is very proveable, for even minimally knowledgeable IT technicians (so: many T-com's own technicians are welcome to check it up, they're not all like some poor useless hating bums there). It is a very proveable demonstration of how T-com, or from endearment: T-cogne, withholds PDF documents of my bills (sic!) from my downloading. The correspondence about this issue, and maybe a small number of other more or less related correspondence can be browsed from two main topics:

The first main, or top, or thread-starting message is only in Croatian:
T-com i poigravanje s preplatom
(in English: T-com and pranks with overcharging

And the second main, or top, or another thread-starting message is yes only in Croatian:
Kako pregledati svoje PDF račune kod T-com-a?
(in English: How do I view PDF bills at T-com?)

and it's hard to outdo them, they scatter messages as soon as they get any to reply to... Yesterday's message to mend for that is what I have been writing for pretty much at least half of the day yesterday.
To give a readable message, and finally solve this issue, and give example.

And yesterday's message of the other thread for which I created this section of this page, and I call the entire section more broadly by that #fake-pdf name is both in English and in Croatian.. But that message I first needed to know what address my Lurker would assign to it, to be able to post the link to it for you, below.

( However, T-com decided to censor me even more... It's not a problem for me to use Lurker program functionalities to import manually an email...

However, the question about whether that message was filtered out and not accepted at all, but as stupidly as it sounds (lots of actions by the non-lustrated T-comians, very many of those among that bunch's actions, really are stupid and pretty often), or whether that message maybe was even destroyed and whether it wasn't even sent to the other recipient, the HAKOM, either, remains to be seen ...

But I don't get to receive my Blind Carbon Copy of that message in my Inbox not even now after, let's see... Hah, they just looked at it --what else was it being postponed from delivering for? What else if not for freaking illegally spying on its contents, and then allowing it, or filtering it out, what freaking else??-- and then they, some time in the last half hour, I checked, I chehecked!!, in some first 40 minutes the message just wasn't delivered to me!... and then they finally let it go...)

However, in that meantime I manually imported that same message, and surely, Lurker is clever enough, and since I set it to not import duplicate emails, it refused what it already has (because it imports automatically new emails according to the settings I set in its configs). See (well, the advanced readers only can really understand this... ), this one message hasn't seen internet in this instance of its before my posting of it here, I mean this copy hasn't traveled out of my computer and returned back, this is what messages look like prior to sending, and not the traveled and delivered messages:

CORRECTION on March 23rd/24th 2017 START: No, the right message, the one that travelled, is in place:

But the talk must remain true and clear to the willing to check, this is that message, gzip'ed, before any travelling:


I had to move it aside, because Lurker, after a few lurker-regenerate, with the travelled message created properly the threads available, and the links to "Stari naslovi" (which means "Old Subjects" in Croatian).

CORRECTION on March 23rd/24th 2017 END

And I can't even begin to tell you how good my (primitive) program uncenz is for a purpose like this!
No, T-cogne, you won't be able to keep honing how it is about my PDF-viewer program, it is too silly to keep doing so!

March 23rd/24th 2017

My program uncenz (see just a few lines above in the four months old update) is good for such purpose, but I was partly wrong. And those miserable stuff at T-cogne were, to some extent, successful in their prank on me. Pls. see (if you have at least basic knowledge in this area) T-cogne and PDF? 2.

Read there if you care to see how malevolent admins do tricks on their customers (very likely the case is one of intentional malevolence; that intention not provable, but it's beyond doubt that they malevolently wouldn't admit to the issue being there for real with the broken, not really fake, but broken PDF.

In case you are advanced enough, well, you'd need to be very advanced in Windoze to follow here, I guess, but even fairly advanced in some Unix derivative such as Linux or BSD will suffice, and you will be able to see clearly their dirty trick they played on me uncovered in that page.

I also prepared, for completeness (since this is a story to remain for a while!, it's good for *nixers learning to read the network, also because this is real life, and in full, nothing held back), the correspondence where I, as the story was developing, with the T-cogne continuing to play foul, translated important parts into English of the very messages that I was sending, and was receiving from T-cogne, as I was sending and receiving them, in real time, but only after 2016-11-26, when I started fearing they were firm in their decision to remain in their malevolence. Since as usual T-cogne attemped to blur the thread of the conversation by removing the In-Reply-To header (see near the top of this page about it)... first...

First, a tip: you can find all the messages of this thread (which is broken deliberately by T-com) by opening (at least at this time) these three pages below and simply Ctrl-F (that is: search for): "svoje PDF" (which means "one's own PDFs" in Croatian) without quotes. And then if you want to go more quickly, keep to the messages that I sent, as in the more important ones I gave sufficient translation of the texts from both sides of the correspondence. These three pages with messages: where no messages of this thread hold any English translation where two message of this thread hold English translation, these:

And the latter, importantly holds this SHA256 sum:

=============== ENGLISH TRANSLATION START ===============
bd1f9d429e08b478f0d999045770ef94fa194d45b7eb0f60fec1f46e483f77fa (this one will get a timestamp probably around 201703xx in the filename that currently contains "20380101" on the next update, but it's the third newest of the three pages by date)

And that third page is only important for me to keep, because it is overwhelmingly clear that T-cogne stubbornly don't want to admit to the issue of broken PDFs. And...

And also, you can see the hash repeats in those other messages, quoted a few times.

Go again to the new page (with some four months delay in its publishing... God, has this been a lot of work!)... In that page:

T-cogne and PDF? 2

is the document to which that hash belongs to, and that document is the basis for all of that page, it's this one document:


And I guess you can understand what I mean. I figured that dirty trick of Windoze' seasoned, and malevolent, admins way back at that time, on my own, against my provider malevolently having provided no help whatsoever, but only hindrance to my solving/uncovering of it.

Isn't this unbelievable how low some people can debase their own humanity?


The current content of this section on is listed with: ls-1

and verifies to: ls-1.sum signed by: ls-1.sum.asc

Which means, among other things, that I could likely prove if a file you would, e.g. claim you got from my was indeed retrieved from my location or not.