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Testing Cinelerra 5.1 from goodguy repo

This is a non-Searcheable Copy of Lurker Archive from my SOHO


This archive was first posted by my partly re-using (and in haste) of what I had written in the then my last (or newest) message:


( And there are much more details there! Read there pls. )


While how to install updated versions (git versions really) of Cinelerra in Gentoo surely can be gleaned by searching through this archive, and the links therefrom, I'll try and give a little more today and tomorrow, hopefully.

But further in bottom, after some six or seven more paragraphs of the old text (which follows, with the typoes not corrected, the text is from that email linked above).

I think I've almost have the new archive in Lurker all set and that our correspondence will be functional on my SOHO, and then a non-searchable copy, but with all the links (or most, remember Gentoo Forums have started ruining my posts as eight-years long member of theirs, God knows if they will start deleting them, and if so, how soon) [but with all the links] contained in the email-messages to soon become web-pages, functional.

Pls. look up Cinelerra-CV mailing list for news, and to learn whether the testing of Cinelerra-CV goodguy repo has been resolved successully, and also look up:

for such news!

Pls. take notice again that the search does not work because it's a copy of Lurker archive, not an Lurker archive really live! Then, start from:



The archive should be well threaded:
, every email at its place in the correspondence...

NEW text, as of 2016-05-05

This is where I started, instructions by Good Guy for building from his git repo:

[CinCV TNG] Building in Gentoo; Was: Re: Cinelerra 5.1: Two bugs

However, stay at the first steps! Only:

cd /<build_path>/
git clone --depth 1 "git://" cinelerra5

will not change later (and the line starting with "git clone" ends with "cinelerra5". That is only one line. The lines after these two above will be corrected in our later correspondence, as I test Cinelerra 5.1 on Gentoo, as can be read in this archive you are reading this first page of.

I now need to test the new changes by Good Guy to the motion stabilization plugin, and I could have started anew, using the lines above, but it was easier to pull in the changes to the repo with:

cd /<build_path>/
git pull

I'll test the changes because of:
[CinCV TNG] Motion stabilisation issue
[same title ought to have been], search for "Miroslav"

and there I replied late to that thread.

And here I'll just give the scripts that I used after getting the git repo into where I'll be building from it: (which I tested again successfully tonight) (not tested since 2016-04-30)

NEW paragraph, as of 2016-05-26 (tested and working correctly)

These are, one for goodguy repo (with the -gg- infix), one for main repo, far from perfect, but they work for me.

They may be eccessive for some tastes, but they are not wrong.

Just one thing: while these methods are not confined to Gentoo, in case your distro does not have /var/log, change the script before you run it. And of course:

Try any of these only at your own risk, bro! No guarranties here whatsoever!

Anyway, if you followed successfully the above, then it's just:
find the below towards bottom:, and here it's just a little modified:

mkdir -p /opt
cp -ai /<build_path>/cinelerra5/cinelerra-5.1/lbin /opt/cin
chown -R "owner:group" /opt/cin 


The files necessary for this study are listed in: ls-1 and verify to: ls-1.sum signed by: ls-1.sum.asc

And if you are an Unix-like OS user, you can use my script to download them (Note 2016-11-26: at the time of this belated update, you would need to modify that incomplete script to do that), currently only in the develop branch, so you need to:

 git clone -b develop
from, obviously,