An Issue with T-com, the Internet Conversations, Intro Anabridged from "Political" Text

This text below was posted at the top of this post while I was drafting and researching the issues described therein:
Postfix smtp-tls-wrapper, Bkp/Cloning Mthd, A Zerk Provider
but now only the top paragraph remains, as was due. The text below is only corrected for typos and one or clarification or two (apart from the note added in bottom).

My problems with the provider may be nearing Chinese style clampdown on dissidents, and it seems to me it is being performed by means of deploying Chinese programs developed for that purpose. It seems to me they're deploying those programs on me at level designed for potentially knowledgeable, and in their eyes, pretty obnoxious users.


This below, is a draft.

EDIT START Wed 4 Feb 13:30:50 CET 2015: This is still a draft. The issue is so complex, that I employ serious time to analyze it. But I might have gained some more understanding since first posting it.

The nature of the interactions here, not my desire to provoke, makes the "Chinese style clamdown" and the "Chinese programs" used available to me for explanation to you only once most if not nearly all the remaining components of this issue have been explained. You'll see...

The "politics" without which there is no proper explanation of this complex issue (unless we're not humans) will be moved to as soon as or maybe even if, yeah! there's always the if! with the traitor regime (which suffered a blow: the Traitor President Ivo Josipović lost the reelections, and we got the HDZ's candidate (HDZ is Hrvatska Demokratska Zajednica, which roughly translates as the Croatian Democratic Party), true patriot woman Kolinda Grabar Kitarović to take office of the President of the Republic of Croatia on Feb 15, but the traitors are fighting like hyenas for the remaining power; they still hold the Government with Zoran Milanović [1])... if I make it to upload the files to .

And this paragraph above will be moved too. If I'm not censored. Can the Moderators understand the need for this human exception for probably just another few hours? And the need that is stays here if and only if I am censored? My censoring is actually rendered to some extent more unlikely due to my work in FOSS Linux and the relatively high number of viewers visiting and reading my topics.

Please keep FOSS Linux and the Forums free and human (I'm generally addressing here, wider than just Gentoo Community; you'll have at least a few hundreds here visiting from Debian Forums, along with the few but true fighters for freedom in the *nix who gather around Grsecurity Forums)!

Thank you most sincerely!


Pls. if you, kind readers, esp. Gentoo Moderators, are assessing the viability of this post of mine, understand the time strait that I am in, allow the possibility that posting some of these is urgent for me (my human rights, in minor space described, and without bringing any harm to the technical nature, the most of the text and absolutely dominant in the post, such as any post need to be written for Gentoo Forums).

Bear in mind the fact that posting this urgently as I need it, does not allow much more editing before I post this. For that reason a few points are unclear ([i]exampli gratia[/i] the opening paragraph in the top on Chinese programs probably used), others are incomplete, and some, which I intend to remove or post elsewhere --entire paragraphs-- I can not move elsewhere at this time, but do intend to move those soon.

Thank you most kindly!


Zoran the freaking Milanović! Yeah! I don't need to worry about him! He supports free speech! He was shown mingling with other head of states during the "Je sui Charlie" parade! (Probably it was the short moment that the other leaders allowed that despicable character in, just for the fleeting photo seesion.)

Oh, so the President of the Government supports free speech! And I can speak freely.

You freaking wish!

You wish! I may say more some day here, but that one not yet declared traitor (the non-legally-binding but honorable Ethical Committee comprised of truly prominent Croats brought the verdict that Ivo Josipović is traitor, so that is legally allowed to say, isn't it, you occupiers, you traitors like Josipović, who spy on us, and who rig things against us patriotic Croats in various ways!

But he is such, for me.