T-cogne and PDF?

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I've already had this kind of experience.

Have a look for yourself if the PDF from that attachment can be opened, and indeed, if that is any recognizeable file in the world of computing, at all:

T-cogne "sending" requested electricity bills

Oh, BTW, you can't easily get where that is from, if I don't give you some clue. It's only a chronological clue, have a look at:

where it chronologically is by finding the subject line:

RE: za: št. Anita Rapčec, od koristnika: Miroslav Rovis [T201505050282]

The Message-ID and all the standards are deliberately broken by T-cogne, so that messages wouldn't get their thread, like e.g.:

a conversation from mutt-ysers mailing list


T-cogne, can you pls. tell me, why can't you let me see my bills that you ask me to pay/that I already paid?


And what tells the most (but to the knowledgeable only) is, of course, the network trace:


The files necessary for this study are listed in: ls-1 and verify to: ls-1.sum signed by: ls-1.sum.asc

And if you are an Unix-like OS user, you can use my dump_dLo.sh script to download them (the dir t-cogne-q-pdf-q with the PDFs will need to be manually downloaded, need to fix that...), currently only in the develop branch, so you need to:

 git clone -b develop https://github.com/miroR/uncenz
from, obviously, https://github.com/miroR/uncenz