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Analysis of what happened btwn my machine and as documented in the trace/screeecast pairs.

The pair with the timestamp 161202_2149 (2016-12-02 21:49), the pair on this first page, should be skipped. Probably Firefox was offline, as I forgot to deselect (disable) the "Work Offline" entry under "File" popdown menu.

NOTE, later: Nope! Because I have traffic with, which is something to do with my provider's cable for IPTV, so I wasn't offline...

I really went as fast as I could to start posting my attempts. Reason? The sooner, the less suspicion that anything was faked on my part (just the very minimal anomymization I do, as I explained in the thread, and linked to my script, in the message (of wrong title) modifying strings in SSL streams possible, how?.

Obviously, I rushed too fast. You really can just skip the first video.

It is too late for me to delete it, because I have already published it:

No POST sent in sign up, how to figure out why?

(and also because I don't believe in making one's own past into what it wasn't).

Also, you can see the exact same (only gzipped) attachment to the:
next message to the above as the SSLKEYLOGFILE extracted keys (dump_161202_2149_g0n_SSLKEYLOGFILE.txt) of this trace, in bottom. But also, that was wrong extraction very probably. So this page is all wrong.

Except in the appearance: at after 30 seconds from start, you can see my clicking sends no POST to server:

Generally, when it comes to what happened on the network this tells the most --but to the knowledgeable only--, the network trace:


The files necessary for this study are listed in: ls-1pg1


and verify to: ls-1pg1.sum signed by: ls-1pg1.sum.asc

There is also the ls-1all, ls-1all.sum and ls-1all.sum.asc, for this entire directory (so far).