Olimex LIME2 (and compo) delivery by DHL

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This is related to my post at Olimex forum:
Question about delivery and assurance

The time these pictures were taken is btwn 14:00 and 14:03 CET on August 1st 2020 (but see over for the possible couple of minutes imprecision).

Just pictures with bare links, no thumbnails like now, is what I had posted in this very page around the time I opened that topic on Olimex forum. It is August 18th 2020. as I am updating this page, and will still hopefully be when I have posted both pages (there is now also No. 1).

Pls. see about my actually technical enquiry --about the parcel-- in that topic, esp. how the girl from Croatian DHL office wants me to solve possible fault with the delivery with Bulgarian DHL office or with Olimex. (I mean how do I do that? Fly to Bulgaria?).

You are likely to see "NOTE 2020-NN-NN" in the bottom of this page, as well as (maybe just?) one or two more pages added and linked at the top of each in this LIME2-server section, in the future.

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