Olimex LIME2 (and compo) delivery by DHL 1

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The time may be a couple of minutes astray [1] than in the names of files. These much poorer photos were taken at those very moments the DHL delivery guy was there, in front of my entrance door, waiting, somewhat impatiently, for me to sign for that parcel. So the time is btwn: 12:48 and 12:55 CET of Friday, July 31th 2020.

The delivery guy was to the right from these pictures taken. That entrance is the doorway to my apartment. I didn't even try to get not even the guy's shadow, nor even footwear, but during this time he was there.

Pls. compare with (No. 0) photos. The only conclusion you can arrive to is: the parcel has not been opened in the meantime.

And it still has not been opened. The parcel is still in that exact same state. It is August 18th 2020. as I write, and will still hopefully be when I have posted this.

[1] The smartphone that I bought 2 days earlier on July 29th has not been connected to the Internet (and has not till today August 18th, and likely will not be any time soon) --it never ever had any SIM-card in it, and no connecting I tried, instead I disabled all. I only need a cheap and small camera. And, BTW, it's the same model Y6 2019 Huawei. Just whichever brand that it were I wouldn't easily put a SIM-card in it anyway. I bought this model because I reckoned that I would be able to use it like that. And I can. News: these Y6 2019 work with HiSuite, a Chinese debug bridge varsion, which is incompatible with google's Adb, hardware is improved too... and the looks. Just saying, really not a fan...

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