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Author: Miroslav Rovis
To: Good Guy
Subject: Re: [Re: [CinCV TNG] Building in Gentoo
Hi Good Guy! Hi visitors of this Archived Correspondence:

Testing Cinelerra 5.1 from goodguy repo

I think I've almost have the new archive in Lurker all set and that our
correspondence will be functional on my SOHO, and then a non-searchable
copy, but with all the links (or most, remember Gentoo Forums have
started ruining my posts as eight-years long member of theirs, God knows
if they will start deleting them, and if so, how soon) [but with all the
links] contained in the email-messages to soon become web-pages,

All the correspondence since Good Guy and I have moved off Cinelerra-CV
mailing list to not bombard the list, if I have set it up correctly (and
if there should not be other problems, whichever), should soon be
available at:
(just created, but empty).

It'll be a complete browse, of all the correspondence during this so far
three days of testing, for people interested in installing Cinelerra, in
not yet supported *nix/Linuces, but in particular in Gentoo

It's pretty certain that installing Cinelerra 5.1 from Good Guys repo
should work for Gentooers with a non-hardened kernel, and it is likely
that it should work for general *nix/Linux system.

I am however, a hard core fan of grsecurity-hardening, and want every
program that I install to play by good security rules, true security
rules (not fake like the NSA Linux... oh, sorry, I meant SELinux)...

And so I hope to get Good Guy to solve the remaining issues ;-) .

Should the Lurker archive not be soon available in the manner described
at the top, pls. have patience. You never know what can go wrong...

Should that be the case, Good Guy, pls. allow another resending of this

Also, updating the archives, since they will be just frozen Lurker
archives, a copy of the Lurker archives on my SOHO, also may take time.
I don't promise anything, esp. how soon the update will be... I'm not an

Pls. look up Cinelerra-CV mailing list for news, and to learn whether
the testing of Cinelerra-CV goodguy repo has been resolved successully,
and also look up:

for such news!

On 160427-22:09-0600, Good Guy wrote:
> I would try to get the application to run as root, with
> root owner/group file permissions. The goal is to see

I left this small part just to get the message, hopefully, in the right place
in the thread.
Miroslav Rovis
Zagreb, Croatia