Install Cinelerra in Gentoo (out-of-portage)


Building Cinelerra 1 2 3 4 5... [in progress, hopefully]

Why not just "emerge cinelerra"?

Cinelerra currently available in Gentoo is out-of-date, and without a maintainer.


# equery l cinelerra
 * Searching for cinelerra ...
[IP-] [  ] media-video/cinelerra-20140710:0


Cinelerra-CV (of the three versions in the wild) chosen.


There've been some earthquakes there... Read at:

"In January 2016, the developer working behind ("Good Guy") joined us and continues to improve the software here. He is also accepting feedback on our mailing list."


Prep for install.

Get the git repo:

$ git clone git:// cinelerra-cv


It'll be not much different from the 5.1 BETA announced late in March 2016 (it's been one month only):


Follow README's.

In my case only:

emerge -tuDN libavc1394 libiec61883

were missing (well maybe the libesd, but I use pure alsa, hope it'll work without that esound "daemon"). All else already there ;-) .

I do all my installing in Air-Gapped. Find my Air-Gap method on Gentoo Forums


Air-Gapped Gentoo Install, Tentative

(Note: it can only be properly implemented, for a non-expert, along with:

Postfix smtp/TLS, Bkp/Cloning Mthd, Censorship/Intrusion (PART 2, cloning systems)


for which two same model MBO systems is, basically, a requirement.

), if they

haven't (long story why) deleted it. Else tell me, and I can recreate it on .

So I got the git repo on another machine which goes online. ran jacksum on it, and tar'd it up.

And I securely copied it (oh, it's just plain optical media and my verifying the checksums) over to where I want to install it, untar'd it (and verified it).

(However running jacksum a diligent user can learn from its manuals. Anyway, the point is just, I got the git as it currently is, very much away from where intrusion can reach --other then if there should happen to be FONs on the inside... longer story yet.)

# cp -iav  /mnt/g5n-C/m/tmp/cinelerra-cv.tar.gz  /usr/src/
'/mnt/g5n-C/m/tmp/cinelerra-cv.tar.gz' -> '/usr/src/cinelerra-cv.tar.gz'
# cd  /usr/src/

I run as admin (I always run a grsecurity-hardened kernel, with RBAC policy deployed):

# grep RBAC /proc/$$/status
RBAC:   admin:S:/

(That's just me checking if I am admin. Find your way through or trim the references to it out from these pages, in your mind, if you go without it). So:

# tar xf cinelerra-cv.tar.gz
# cd cinelerra-cv/

And here, after I uninstall the two yrs old Cinelerra (

# emerge -C cinelerra
>>> These are the packages that would be unmerged:

    selected: 20140710 
Would you like to unmerge these packages? [Yes/No] y

Also move ~/.bcast out of the way:

# mv -iv ~miro/.bcast ~miro/.bcast_$(date +%y%m%d_%H%M)
'/home/miro/.bcast' -> '/home/miro/.bcast_160424_1737

(but in such way as to be able to go back).

), I will first prepare to use my method of installation out-of-portage.

I used it previously as well (

Mutt without Portage/in Local Overlay, for Air-Gappers
), but I deployed it the best in the:

Need help creating ebuild for "lurker" (not my title)


And I want to use that method to install Cinelerra-CV out-of-portage.

Getting into this task the Gentoo Portage way is probably more work than I currently have time for. This no-portage method is less time, and it will get me the general reasons for any eventual failures, like I would get if I went the LFS way ( ), without the Gentoo peculiarities, that developers at may not necessarily be familiar with, in case I would need support from the Cinelerra-CV Mailing List.

Part 2: The First Hurdles