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Author: Miroslav Rovis
To: mutt-users
Subject: Re: how to verify emails from web
On 160923-17:53+0200, Miroslav Rovis wrote:
> (I also first have to make a correction/addition for
> the real topic of this thread that I started.)

In the first post of this topic, I also forgot that I wasn't doing my
(primitive) little tutorial on a raw mail such as can be downloaded from
the web, and the title says so, but I did it on the mail saved from the
Mutt maildir instead.

For that first post you can try and download that email:
( )
as raw:
(as well as the signature) and do the same procedure as I described in the
first post.

I'm also interested to see that I can do that on my own message that proved,
but to only a few, to not verify with my PGP.

And! And I'm sick of searching (be it that the reason may be me not being very
apt at that interface) the for particular emails.

So I will first demonstrate the power of Lurker along. Then, who knows, maybe
some of you will decide to deploy Lurker for Mutt archives...

The latter I'll do so that I am able to easily find and download raw mail and
signature from the web and then verify it.

Before looking up my *frozen* lurker image:

remember there is no serching there, that's just a mirror, no cgi-bin lurker
scripts, a frozen mirror, that I got with:

wget -m --cut-dirs=1 -nH http://my-local-apache/lurker-mutt/index.html

so, in my offline apache, serching works, but not in what you can see in that
rented space of my NGO.

So in my Lurker, I was perfectly able to search like this:

ml:lurker-mutt au:zimmerman

and get all the mails that Ian posted, and easily find the first one:
(I offer it to you, in frozen of course)
and just before the next step take a look at the threading that Lurker keeps
at (in frozen):

And the next step from there is going to the mail referenced as
Old-Topics: Re: urlview not listing the links right
and by clicking on that old subject I open:

where I want to test what I wrote in the first mail in this thread, by
downloading from the links under:
Message as email
and under
signature.asc (application/pgp-signature)

I'll be back after I do it, I posted this to demonstrate Lurker.

Of course an much better example of Lurker deployment is at:

This was a lot of work. I only made it because I have, in months, occasionally
spent a lot of time learning to use Lurker, I'm not really very advanced at

Regards! (And of course, allow errata later!, and not much else, as I
can't actively follow the bug fixing that is happening along on
mutt-users ML)

Miroslav Rovis
Zagreb, Croatia