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Author: Jean-Christophe Bach
To: mutt-users
New-Topics: Re: PGP sigs fail verification
Subject: [SPAM?] Re: OT: Miro's PGP signature [Was: urlview not listing the links right]

> Can anyone else verify Miro's signature? I'm getting "BAD signature"
> both in mutt, and when I extract the signed part and try to verify it
> with gpg from the command line.
> mutt 1.5.24, gpg 2.0.28, libgcrypt 1.7.3.
> This just happened to me on another mailing list too, so I strongly
> suspect it is me and not the senders.

The signature appears as BAD here too (with mutt-1.7.0-r4, gnupg-2.0.28,
libgcrypt 1.7.3).