Gender in Croatia? 1

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August 2nd 2017

I have recently had a clash within a community whose leaders are --instead of impartial because it's a technical community-- covertly but strongly LGBT-supportive and ban from the community's midsts anyone who regards what was for centuries and millenia understood to be an obvious truth about man and society... They don't spy on you to learn about you to be able to filter you out or some such, they're in many respects a normal technical community... And they are pretty rarely open about their LGBT-supportiveness, and so I spent a lot of time before I realized it... And I realized it once I came out with my views publicly.

That community is, again, a technical one, and not only myself, lots of people didn't expect it was so strongly influenced by the LGBT. But I'll come to it later, maybe in another page, and then link to that other page (from here where you're reading).

But I'm telling you this because it was that banning that got me personally interested more than I otherwise would have been, in these matters.

Of course, on top of my own unpropicious adventure above, Croatian government appears to be planning to covertly start introducing gender ideology in legislation, education and all walks of life in Croatia, as I wrote about in the initial Gender in Croatia? page...

So I've been working for a few days by now to arrange these few pages, one of them containing some technical analysis and which can be regarded as a demonstration of, or indication of, (mild) censorship by my government.

The world-wide truth until 1973. on human sex, psycologically, socially, and morally viewed, is what I still hold to be the truth.

What I am talking about? And why? Pls. read this recount of events with the American Psychiatrist Association:

Homosexual Activists Intimidate American Psychiatric Association into Removing Homosexuality from List of Disorders

And that is the starting point of this continuation page on Gender in Croatia? 1 (in computing the first is 0). But this page will be just a few links along with my comments to those links. I wish my connationals (only those among them who are versed in English; I am sorry but translating would take longer time than I can afford), as well as my friends whom I conversed with through the recent years on various GNU/Linux and related technical forums and mailing lists, to consider those links.

If you engage in any kind of research on this topic, you don't find so very abundant sources unsupportive of the perversion which homosexuality had always been regarded as...

By the way, did you notice that perversion is a word everybody still understands, but it is not used so often to qualify what those people do. What those... hmmh, what do people call those people these days?... I think they call them something like joyous people, or merry people, or glad and happy people, really can't remember exactly at the moment... Do you?...

But I mean, what those people do, pls. recall to mind for yourself what they do, I don't want to even describe it minimally here in written because it is disgusting... But you do know what actions between themselves characterize them as such...

And that!? That!? That is not perverse?!

That is not sick?! That is healthy?!


But the battlefront is nowadays way further into the roots of the mankind. It's into children.


Gender (the new, the LGBT definition of course) is almost all about children, about our children and about our youth.

They appear pretty assured nobody dare call what they do a sickness anymore. Well, not in the West, nobody does, not openly. And not in Europe. (... Well people do, like I did. It is clearly understood in my paragraphs above what I meant... But the price is so very often, to be viciously targeted and to get persecuted in different ways... Pls. see the Canadian example, currently in the bottom of this page --and it might remain so-- )

Even Trump, who is thankfully a pro-life President and has done so much good already, in the United States and in the world (just how many kids have been born because of the Mexico City Policy reintroduced! --meaning: any organization that provides abortion does not qualify for finacial aid by U.S. government), even Trump and his administration, they do not go for a complete reversal (well of course, it's not their business to declare what is sickness and what is not, but they are not going very strong against genderists either)... They only cut the huge privileges that LGBT acquired in the name of Human Rights... And not much more. Because it's a broader battle, beyond government... (But I haven't followed recently the US politics very much. Correct me, reader if you know better.)

And the LGBT want the new arrivals, the kids that get born in our world --in the perversion-polluted parts of the world where they have strong influence, such as Europe, Canada, U.S.A.--, to be gender. Not boys and girls. Gender. To be "ze" instead of either "he" or "she". Or to be "scholar" instead of a boy or a girl.

Thet is the one of the fierces battlefront for mankind of our times.

And I have in my searches on the internet found a few worthy models to follow, and sources to uphold.

So I want to bring to my friends a few great people whom, by reading their scientific papers or blogs and articles, I have, in these days that I've left all aside to try and do something about the threatened arrival of genderism in Croatia, come to admire.

In this very first link you get to know a little about both Peter LaBarbera, the journalist and founder of the Americans for Truth about Homosexuality Association, and you get to know one of the most important psychiatrists of our age that LaBarbera is writing about:

LGBT activists slam ‘the most important psychiatrist of the last half-century’ because he debunks transgender ideology

When you read, check the links. This scientist whose works and status are stellar is the prime target of the LGBT and they are trying to smear his reputation and refute his works as junk science.

But on the membership page of the U.S.A.'s National Accademy of Sciences:

Membership page

it reads:

The NAS membership totals approximately 2,290 members and nearly 460 foreign associates, of whom approximately 200 have received Nobel prizes.

And Dr. Paul McHugh is a member of the National Accademy of Sciences. He is among the very few scientists in the United Stated and the world to be a member of NAS.

Notwithstanding such impeccable status, he has been viciously attacked, and all because of his research and his work, of which the most read, and cited --and attacked-- recently, in the U.S. and also throughout the world is this paper:

Fall 2016 issue of The New Atlantis

Read the source, Luke!, goes the saying that us from GNU/Linux communities have been wont to get recommended to us.

And I'm warning the reader to be careful of abbreviated PDFs available in the wild of this Dr. McHugh's paper. Some of those abbreviations occasionally cite him mistakenly. Probably part of the attack, but it's hard to tell.

Another report on Dr. McHugh New Atlantis Fall 2016 paper on the good website of The Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, founded by Peter LaBarbera:

Executive Summary of New Atlantis
Sexuality and Gender Report: Homosexuals two to three times more likely to have been sexually abused as Children

Attack sites:

McHugh exposed

Meet the Doctor Social Conservatives Depend On To Justify Anti-Transgender Hate

(Peter LaBarbera, and others, put on notice)

A piece by The Daily Beast which is not too viciously against Dr. Paul McHugh, and actually contains some good journalism; quite a remarkable conversation with Dr. Paul McHugh reported in it:

Anti-LGBT Doc Paul McHugh: I Will Not Be Silenced

An older article by Dr. McHugh:

Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme

A more recent article of his in the New Atlantis:

Growing Pains (Problems with Puberty Suppression in Treating Gender Dysphoria)

And finally, how Canada has been going gender under liberal LGBT-supportive government (but the aforewritten is my comment on the article), you can read in:

How the Fight Over Transgender Kids Got a Leading Researcher Fired